The apartments are situated in Croatia, central Dalmatia, on the Brač island, in the town called MIRCA

The island of Brač (13 km away from Split – a 45-minute ride by ferry) / Mirca (2 km away from Supetar, ferry port and the main town of the island). Mirca is a small town between Supetar and Sutivan. It has an old part and a new part that extends along the sea front. The name itself reminds one of peace (“mir”) that one can find at the beautiful beach or among the old stone houses with stone-paved yards.

The apartments are situated at the beach, only 20 meters away from the sea. All apartments are with a sea view.



  • Motorway to Split:
  • Munich – Split approximately 9-10 hours drive
  • Triest – Split approximately 4-5 hours drive
  • Ljubljana – Split approximately 4-5 hours drive
  • Vienna – Split approximately 6-7 hours drive

Ferry from Split to Supetar:

  • Permanent ferry line with frequent departures
  • Modern ferries
  • Appr. 45-minute ride
  • No long waits to embark
  • Ancona – Split ferry line
  • Venice – Split ferry line
  • Split airport
  • Airport on the island on Brač, appr. 25 km away from the apartments

Panorama view