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The island Brac is the highest island on the Adriatic sea (Vidova mountain), and with its surface of 395 km it occupies an important - the third position according to its size among 1200 islands on the Adriatic archipelago. 

Brac belongs to the sunniest Adriatic area with more than 2700 solar hours yearly with average temperature of 23.8°C in summer and 8.6°C in winter months. 

The name of the island itself is for the first time mentioned in the 10th century and it is considered that it originates from the word “deer” (Illyrian brenton, Greek elephus), so it is often mentioned as Bretanida or Elaphus. Brac is proud of its numerous archeological founds: Illyrian tombs, old Croatian churches, old Christian basilicas and the great number of monasteries. 

Beside cattle breeding, olive producing and wine-making, the important activity on the island is stone carving. The stone from Brac is famous all over the world and it has been used on many renowned buildings (White House in Washington). 

The mild climate, beautiful nature, clean sea and beautiful beaches make this island irresistible and it with reason becomes the pearl of the Croatian tourist offer. 



Brac has many beautiful beaches where the nature is untouched. Some of the beaches (accessible with car) are: Vela Luka 3 km away with a very nice sand in the water,  or, of course, the most famous beach Zlatni Rat in Bol (33km) and Lovrecina (10km).  There are a lot of different beaches and we believe everyone can find the one he likes.

Beaches in Mirca


The nearest beach is 50m from our house. For children we suggest beach, also near our house (100m away on the left side). The beach has natural shadow, changing room and shower. In the nearby there is also a cafe and restaruant that offers specialities. 

Lovrecina Beach


«Lovrecina» beach -A sandy lagoon, some 10 km away from the apartments by car.. Our tip – take a ball and toys for playing in the sand!!! 



Visit to Supetar– main town on the island of Brac with numerous hotels, restaurants and beaches. Approximately 2 km away by car or on foot. 

Sutivan - 4 km, Milna - 15 km, Splitska - 7 km, Postira - 9 km. 



Pustinja Blace - Blace desert - Wüste Blace - Il deserto Blace


Blace desert– feel the intact nature and visit the refuge of monks from the 15th century
Approximately 10 km away from the apartments by car, and a 3 km hike on foot. Our tip –take a photo camera!!! 

Bol, Zlatni Rat - Bol, Golden Horn - Bol, Goldenes Horn - Bol, Corno d'Oro


Bol – enjoy yourself at one of the hundred most beautiful beaches of the world. A visit to one of the world’s most famous beaches, Zlatni rat (included in the official list of 100 best beaches of the world). Ideal for windsurfing or a wonderful night out. A day trip by car, approximately 35 km away from the apartments.Our tip –visit Bol both by day and by night!!! 


Vidova Gora

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 15.19.49.png

Vidova gora – climb among the clouds and enjoy a unique view of the neighbouring islands and the Zlatni Rat beach. 

A visit to the highest mountain top on all Adriatic islands (778 m). Approximately 20 km away from the apartments by car.Our tip –take a photo camera or paragliding equipment!!! 



Biking, tennis grounds, diving schools, windsurfing, rent-a-boat, lonely beaches and lagoons on the island, far away from the crowds and the noise 

There are numerous restaurants on the island, offering traditional Mediterranean meals, sea fish and local wines. 

Buses run through all towns on the island. 

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